10 Funny Tinder Profiles That Deserve Recognition

How can you stand out in the enormous dating ocean that is Tinder when there are so many fish in the sea? – with a fantastic profile. This collection of bright and amusing profiles from users of the famous dating app illustrates that getting the correct swipe sometimes requires taking a chance.

Some of these daring daters went with a funny and discreet bio, while others went all out with photo altering techniques. Whatever tactic they used, these lonely hearts on the hunt for love weren’t ashamed to put their hearts on their sleeves. With Valentine’s Day approaching, let these profiles serve as a reminder that the quickest path to someone’s heart is through their sense of humour! Scroll down to see more extremely unique profiles, and remember to vote for your favourites!

#1 When A Genie Helps With Your Tinder Profile

#2 Showcasing Your Titanic Insecurities

#3 Hands Down The Best Profile

#4 When You Have a Hard To Pronounce Name

#5 Finding The Silver Linings in Life with Humor

#6 Sometimes Pros Outweigh Cons

#7 How Many More Recommendations Do You Need?

#8 Instructions Not Clear

#9 Take Your Granddaughter’s Suggestions

#10 Grandchild of The Year

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