11 Tinder Conversations that deserve Hall of Fame

Tinder Banter Best Conversations


Do you have to be original, funny, straightforward or serious? These are the questions you will surely ask yourself if you are looking to date online.

Let me reassure you right away, you are in the right place to find examples of Tinder catchphrases and capture the attention of your Tinder match and also have a laugh while at it.

All you have to do is apply the basics of a good Tinder catchphrase to turn your matches into fabulous conversations You can always match on Tinder, if you don’t know how to send a good first message , then your efforts will be in vain! Indeed, it is with a powerful catchphrase that you will obtain the right to start the conversation with the desired person. So here are a few examples of tinder conversations that won the internet. Take inspiration!

1. The Ben and Jen Pun

2. When your train facts game is strong

tinder conversations
“My Tinder is a joke account where I tell people train facts and answer questions about trains. I research railway history.” – u/Remexa

3. Have some faith

4. Shakespeare in the 21st Century

That’s it. I’m done. I’ve actually peaked this time and I’ll never reach these heights again – u/drewhead118

5. Eagle mating call intensifies

Perks of being my school’s mascot – u/yaksho

6. Breaking the ice

She fell for it

7. Minimalism

Got unmatched right after

8. How to roleplay

My greatest magic trick revealed – u/kenzentakahashi

9. A good deck to appreciate

Cheesy pickup line

10. How to Carry Conversations

I made a Tinder funny, how’d I do? – u/Damsai_ 1

11. Why

Here is the ‘Y’

source: reddit.com


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