5 Facts Uncovered about Jesus

History is an ever-winding portrait of chronologies and curiosities. Through it all, it’s impossible to not have heard about Jesus. Time magazine goes as far to mention him as the most influential historical figure who is praised by gospels for being the one to bring peace to humanity. 

Jesus is depicted in paintings, prominently the ‘Last Supper’ by Leonardo da Vinci in the 13th century. Ballads and anecdotes of the story of his birth and the historical importance of his values have found their way to occupy the pages of literature.

Hailed as the King of Jews and worshipped by Christians across the world, there’s a lot more about Jesus Christ that you may or may not have known. Within the stories of Jesus, we have heard little more anecdotes that we choose to elaborate on in this article.

Fact #1: Jesus’s insignificant but extraordinary childhood 

Jesus is said to have been very ordinary looking, having shown no great skills about himself. As a result, Jesus was not taken much notice of. Accounts, however, show an incident of a great marvel when Joseph and Mary lose Jesus during a Passover in Jerusalem. 

They had been expecting a terrified and distraught looking child after their three-day search but were instead surprised with a serene Jesus listening to the teachers discuss theology earnestly.

Fact #2: Fluency and craftsmanship

Jesus was also fluent in many languages. Aramaic, the primarily spoken language of 1st century Jews, Torah in Hebrew, Greek and Roman are said to be the ones that Jesus frequently conversed in when the need be. Growing up in an artisan family, Jesus was referred to as a carpenter in the books. 

Fact #3: The curious birth 

The name ‘Jesus’ itself was a very common name in the first century. It may have accounted to the insignificance Jesus faced as a child. However, the angel Gabriel is said to have advised Mary and Joseph on calling the child Jesus. 

Many books also observe that Jesus was not born on December 25th, nor was the child born in 1 A.D. Records go as far to the point that the reign of Herod, the then King of Jews, ended in 4 B.C, the prophesied year that a child’s birth will end Herod’s rule.

Fact #4: Gifts and stories 

Continuing the thread of King Herod, the literature points to a poem ‘The Three Kings’ by the American poet Henry Longfellow that narrates the prophesied birth of Jesus and the gifts the baby received from Three Kings from the East. 

Referring to the then born child, the Kings had “ridden fast and ridden far, to find and worship the King of Jews.” Word reached King Herod the Great, who then ordered the three men after their arrival at Jerusalem to “bring the tidings of this new King.”

Fact #5: Parables of wisdom 

The disciples often complained to Jesus why couldn’t simply not beat around the bush. “Why do you speak in Parables?” they asked, parables meaning stories that do not provide a clear, set in stone conclusion. In an answer, Jesus responded that the message is for each individual to decipher it themself and in their context. 

The ‘anointed one’, Jesus was called, ‘The Christ.’ Though claimed by history, Jesus’s teachings and anecdotes continue to stir productive discussions among people. They have paved the way for believers to seek the truth in turbulent times, all while contributing greatly to the social movements of history and morality.

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