8 Facts that are insane but true about Drones

Technology surprises us in every aspect of life from the alarm clock you use to wake up to the lights you switch off before sleeping. One of the fascinating innovations is Drones aka, UAV (Unmanned Aerial Vehicles) or Remotely Piloted Aerial Systems. 

You might have heard about what they are and about there basic uses, but do you really know what it is capable of doing? You will be amazed at the facts you read below.

Fact #1: Drones are not used solely for military purposes.

When the first drones came into play, they mostly served in the military and worked as weapons. Their use is not limited to it. 

Several organizations like Amazon and Dominos are considering to make use of them for making deliveries. And in Africa, drones play the role of the delivery guy for medical aids and necessity in remote regions.

Fact #2: Drones can work for hours.

We all had that perception about the low durability of drones, but that’s not true. Only mini-drones have a short battery life, but some drones can last in the air for several hours. 

Fact #3: Drones can help you capture your memories.

Have you seen those great videos from celeb weddings and international events? Yeah, we are talking about those where you get the complete 360° view of everything going on. How do you think they do that? It’s with the help of drones. Now, you can get a perfect coverage of ceremonies from an aerial view with these great techs.

Fact #4: Americans invented UAVs?

No, Americans did not manufacture the first drone. People often think that America did it first because of the popularity and ample usage of drones in the country. But, Israel is the one that ranks first here. They made the first one who manufactured UAVs.

Fact #5: Drones are dangerous.

Well, not all of them, but yes, the drones that got designed as weapons are a threat. There are several cases about the times when drones took innocent lives. Apart from the attack drones, all others are mostly to make observations.

Fact #6: Drones act as a farmer’s friend.

In the field of agriculture, we can consider drones as a blessing. Farmers having significant areas spare a lot of efforts in their production and drones can help them keep an eye on things. One can check every corner of their field sitting in their room and eating crackers. 

Fact #7: Using drones is illegal.

Here we need to get things straight. Yes, there are laws that forbid some of the works that the drone does, but it is not entirely illegal. There are a high number of complaints about invading privacy due to drones. So, in the future, we might witness some more strictness in such laws.

Fact #8: Drones helps to make society safer.

We see a lot of cameras on the streets that help police to prevent any mishap. But drones have revolutionised the way to do so. Now, if they want to patrol any area, they can have a drone to keep an eye on things, and it is efficient.

Drones show how creative one’s mind can be. It does have a few drawbacks as not everyone can use them; it requires skill. But there are some simple UAVs out there with which anyone can work. 

Manufacturers are innovating drones to make them more multi-tasking and yielding. Future holds a lot of possibilities for the drones as we discover more uses of it.

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