A Woman Tells Guys Under 5’7′′ To Swipe Left, But This Guy Makes Her Regret It.

While the modern society is busy breaking down bigotry, stereotypes, and body-shaming at a quick speed, there are some things that get mysteriously disregarded, sometimes literally. One of them is the short man.

However, it’s very common, accepted, and especially encouraged for a woman to write openly in her Tinder profile that she will not date a man who is shorter than her, and many will willingly establish a minimum height requirement. What is the reason for this? You may argue that we all have our preferences. That is correct. But, given that this is such a common and widely known phenomena, what about the short guys?

The man in this anecdote exemplified the startling hypocrisy that many shorter, unmarried men experience on Tinder all of the time. He baited this woman, and she bit when he told her to. Hard. It does, however, start a conversation, and it’s about time more attention was paid to this type of body shaming.

People can cover their fears by losing weight, getting botox, hair transplants, and a variety of other procedures, but a 5’3″ guy will always be 5’3.”

Scroll down to see the nasty retort to such a harsh statement, and feel free to share your thoughts in the comments section.

A man was scrolling through Tinder when he came across this woman’s bio.

He found her and struck up a discussion to learn more about her.

Image credits: janmayeno

The conversation sparked a discussion, with some commenters empathising with the situation of many unmarried, shorter males.

Others, on the other hand, saw it from a different perspective.

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