Adorable Cats Proudly Pose for Camera with their Celebrity Parents

Cats are awesome. They don’t care about your age, gender, or whether you have any other pets. Cats come with the perfect complement of fur (long enough to pet but soft enough to cuddle) and personality (playful but independent) which also makes them perfect for photographs.

Everyone knows that domestic cats have a tendency to bond with and even dress up like their humans, but the furry little people we call pets don’t just stop there. Cats have also been known to form bonds with other animals, including celebrities! These kitties were lucky enough to be photographed with their celebrity parents. And we love it when images of cats and their celebrity parents go viral. It doesn’t matter if the celebrities are Hollywood stars or athletes, these adorable felines have charmed us all. Take a look at this cutie posing with her famous celebrity parents in this amazing collection of photos:

1. Katy Perry

credit: katyperry

2. Gigi Hadid Sharing Pictures Her Kitten Growing into a Cat

credit: therealcleohadid

3. Robert Downey Jr, The Iron Man with his Cat

via: robertdowneyjr

4. Hayley Bieber and her Cat

via: kittysushiandtuna

5. Jenna Fischer and her Tuxedo Cat and Ginger Cat

via: msjennafischer

6. Mandy Moore

via: mandymooremm

7. Ian Somerhalder

8. Martha Stewart and her Adorable Fluffy Cat. 4 Cats actually.

via: marthastewart48

9. Salma Hayek

via: yourcatwasdelicious

10. Alexander Vlahos and his cat. Who has the most attractive eyes?

via: alexvlahosofficial

11. Nicole Kidman

via: nicolekidman

12. Hideo Kojima

via: hideo_kojima

13. Jay Baruchel and his Black Kitten

via: jonathanadamsaundersbaruchel

14. Russell Brand

via: russellbrand

15. Macklemore

via: cairothekat

16. Alison Brie

via: Alison Brie

17. Ricky Gervais

via: rickygervais

18. Taylor Swift is a Certified Cat Lady

via: taylorswift

19. Peyton Clark

via: peytonpclark

20. Drew Barrymore

via: drewbarrymore

21. Keegan Allen

via: tynthecat

22. Ellie Goulding

via: elliegoulding

23. Kesha

via: iiswhoiis

24. Kat Denning

via: katdenningsss

25. Ed Sheeran and his affection for cats

via: teddysphotos

26. James Franco

via: officialjamesfrancoo

27. Gilles Marini

via: GillesMarini

28. Isla Fisher

via: islafisher

29. Dita Von Teese

via: ditavonteese

30. Mayim Biyalik

via: missmayim

We’ve seen our fair share of celebrity kids, but these are the cutest cats yet. With their famous parents as a backdrop, these kitties show off their best poses for camera with an attitude that says “I’m just like my dad.” Whether it’s Taylor Swift and her cat or Katy Perry cuddling with her little cat, each photo captures one moment in time when celebrities get to be themselves outside of work. Which celeb-kitty is your favorite? Let us know in the comments!

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