And Then They Said, “NO, We’re Not All Identical.” This DNA Test Made It To The News.

One more test

It was time to take another, more in-depth DIY test. The second test was more in-depth and comprehensive. It displayed each girl’s ancestry and allowed them to trace their ethnicity down the generations. The Dahm sisters anticipated getting the same outcomes because their first test was identical. But something wasn’t quite right. The test results they received, on the other hand, revealed something very different.

So, what were the outcomes for the triplets? At first glance, everything seemed to make sense; all three of them were 99 percent European in terms of DNA. When the data was analyzed, the disparities became apparent. Nicole was 2 percent more Irish and British than Erica, who was 16 percent Irish and British. The triplets and the audience became further perplexed as more findings were disclosed.

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