And Then They Said, “NO, We’re Not All Identical.” This DNA Test Made It To The News.

A Strange Inconsistency

As more and more findings came in, more and more discrepancies became apparent. Erica, Jaclyn, and Nicole Dahm all had various percentages of German and French ancestry in their DNA. Erica had 22.3 percent, Jaclyn 18 percent, and Nicole 11 percent, respectively. Strange! Both the girls and the panelists on The Doctors were perplexed by the information they had just read. Was this illogical.? The twins’ DNA sequences were identical, so how could their ancestry be unique?

The Scandinavian aspect of the test was the most surprising of all the disparities. Erica and Jaclyn were genetically identical, with 7.4 percent Scandinavian ancestry, whereas Nicole had 11.4 percent Scandinavian ancestry. Nobody could fathom how any of this was possible. They were meant to have the same results, so what could account for such a significant disparity?

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