And Then They Said, “NO, We’re Not All Identical.” This DNA Test Made It To The News.

100% Accurate

 According to Dr. Stork, Home DNA tests are still not advanced enough to be 100 percent accurate. There will always be flaws in the results. “You can’t just spit in a cup and get every single answer that you’re searching for,” he added because the tests aren’t sophisticated enough for that. But does this imply that the doctor and the journalist, Lisa Guerrero, are against the tests?

Though the triplets were initially taken aback by the test results, they are now grateful for their role in raising awareness about these types of DNA tests. Their lives have changed dramatically after their debut on the show. They began in a small Minnesota town, where they were photographed as models for numerous magazines and appeared on television series, including the popular, The Doctors.

They’ve come a long way.

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