And Then They Said, “NO, We’re Not All Identical.” This DNA Test Made It To The News.

The fact that Erica’s sisters served as bridesmaids was probably the most meaningful and unique aspect of Jay and Erica’s wedding. Bradley Bayou designed their outfits, and the girls looked gorgeous. Erica dazzled in a Chado Ralph gown custom-made for her and dazzled everyone with her beauty. It’s startling to have two identical bridesmaids, and having them be similar to the bride herself is weird – but also quite heartfelt and beautiful.

The McGraw Children

It may seem unbelievable, yet each of the three sisters has a daughter and a son!

Their sons were born a year apart, while their girls were born a month apart!

Aver Elizabeth and London Philip are Erica and Jay’s children. They post a lot of family photos and pictures of their kids on social media, and it appears that their family life is going well.

Dr. Phil Seems To have become Involved

Dr. Phil, Jay’s father, has been involved with Erica and his son’s relationship since the beginning. When Jay chose to propose to Erica, he was overjoyed, and when the big day arrived, he volunteered to be Jay’s best man. There isn’t anything more special than the bond between a father and a son! Erica is loved by Jay’s parents nearly as much as Jay is.

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