And Then They Said, “NO, We’re Not All Identical.” This DNA Test Made It To The News.

Recognized worldwide

When the Dahm Triplets landed in Los Angeles, it appeared that the entire city had been waiting for them. They had so many opportunities. They quickly landed spots on nationally syndicated series such as Boy Meets World and Family Feud.

The world was their oyster, and the entertainment industry was eager to cast them and show off their distinct appearance. Despite numerous television appearances, it was one performance, in particular, that would forever transform their lives.

The triplets were cast in an episode of House Wars in which they had to compete to repair a house. They kept the house after they won. The Fox network engaged them as renovation specialists on the show Renovate My Family. That’s when their personal lives began to shift as well. Jay McGraw, Dr. Phil’s son, hosted the show and was charmed by Erica, the middle triplet. She claimed it was “love at first sight” when he arrived at her trailer and asked her out to see a movie.

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