Beautiful female athletes who might pass for fashion models

Ronda Rousey

Ronda Rousey, well known by her ring handle “Rowdy,” is a former mixed martial artist and Olympic medalist in judo from the 2008 Summer Games. Only in 2018 did Rousey accept a contract with WWE to begin her career as a professional wrestler. Rousey is well-known for her dominance in the ring, but she has also found fame in other fields. Why on earth would she not, though? She’s stunning to look at, and her strength of character is admirable.

Serena Williams

The moment Serena Williams entered the professional tennis circuit in 1995, she won our hearts. We could spend all day listing Serena’s accomplishments for you, but we’re confident that you’re already aware of them. As it is, Serena is still a formidable opponent. This goddess has dominated tennis courts all over the world, and she also has a successful television career and a modelling career. However, if we had her looks, we wouldn’t mind doing the same thing.

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