Beautiful female athletes who might pass for fashion models

Torah Bright

Australian-born Torah Bright is the country’s most decorated Winter Olympian and a professional snowboarder. Bright has quickly risen to the top of the cycling world thanks to her aggressive riding style and amplitude. There are a number of medals, honours, and recognitions that she has earned over the years. With all that Bright has accomplished, it’s surprising that she has time for anything else. She is known for her beauty and modelling skills when she isn’t stunning fans with her astonishing tricks.

Becky Lynch

Becky Lynch, who was born and bred in Ireland, is arguably more endearing than anyone else to ever compete in the WWE. It’s no wonder that Becky is so popular; she has a charming accent, impressive abilities, and a stunning physical beauty. The stunning redhead is currently under contract with WWE on the Raw brand, but she was on maternity leave as of May 2020. Lynch has tried his hand at acting in addition to wrestling. She has studied acting at Columbia College Chicago and the Gaiety School of Acting in addition to the Dublin Institute of Technology, from which she earned a degree.

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