Bill Klein and Jen Arnold’s Life Beyond the Cameras: A Small Couple with Big Obstacles

Jen Arnold was getting ready to undergo her 35th surgery, a hip replacement, in August 2019. Bill Klein, her husband, was quite concerned about the procedure and the hazards involved.

“Any big operation comes with a distinct set of dangers, and skeletal dysplasia complicates matters,” he told PEOPLE. “Part of me understands precisely how that feels, and the other part of me is sick to my stomach watching her go through it.”

Thankfully, the procedure went smoothly, but Klein was about to enter the hospital.


Jen Arnold revealed to her fans in October 2021 that her spouse had broken his elbow over the summer and was in the hospital.

Arnold uploaded a photo of Klein laying on a hospital stretcher with his head on a pillow, putting one arm up and giving a “thumbs up” after arm surgery.

“You have this, @reallybillklein, and we have this.” Pre-op testing was positive. Thank you for always looking after us, @hspecialsurgery. I’m looking forward to getting Bill’s arm back to normal!” The shot was captioned by Arnold.

Arnold was poised to take a tremendous step in her profession, which meant another big move for the family, now that their health was taken care of.

Big Move

To ring in the new year, Arnold has some exciting news: she has been offered a big career opportunity at Boston Children’s Hospital’s Simulator Program as well as a job on Harvard’s staff as part of the institution’s medical school teaching hospital in January 2022.

She announced it on Instagram, accompanying a photo of a notebook with the words “Make Things Happen” with the caption “This.”

The family has been missing from our television screens while great things have been happening for them. What happened to the show The Little Couple?

Season 15?

TLC ran the show for 14 seasons, with the final episode airing in August 2019. So, has the show been cancelled or is it set to return for Season 15? Will new episodes be released?

Fans went crazy when Arnold shared a photo to Instagram hinting at the show’s likely return.

Leaving Hints

Jen Arnold captioned a photo of herself and her husband Bill Klein on Instagram with the hashtags “health” and “checkup,” saying, “Guess who’s back, back again.”

While the snapshot appears to be about her health, some saw her caption as a hint that the TLC series would be returning soon.

Despite the lack of information, it’s assumed that the lawsuit led to the delays, and that the pandemic harmed the show’s filming and production.

And, after more than a decade on the air, the couple has achieved their goal of raising awareness for small people.

Increasing Public Awareness

The pair chose to allow cameras to follow them about in their daily life because they wanted to raise awareness regarding tiny people, which they have done.

“Our goal when we launched the programme was to raise awareness, and we’ve had the opportunity to do that with many various topics that we’ve personally and professionally faced,” Arnold told E! News.

When are they going to stop doing the show?

Positive Results

Klein and Arnold are always debating how long they’ll keep performing the show, so what did they decide?

“As long as it’s a nice programme, as long as our kids are having fun with it and it’s not negatively affecting them,” Arnold told E! News.

However, things may change if the children are no longer having fun. “And as soon as that changes, we’ll have to make that choice,” she continued.

A happy union

Bill Klein and Jen Arnold have been through a lot together, but they’ve always been there for each other. The couple celebrated their 13th wedding anniversary in April 2021, and Klein shared the nicest Instagram message.

“I didn’t think I’d find genuine love for a long time.”  Then something happened. We talked, met, fell in love, and I asked (with her parents’ consent) on November 3, 2006 at 8:30 p.m., and she said yes! It seems like yesterday… Thank god we didn’t have cameras following us at the time, or they would’ve learned I hadn’t made any plans for supper that night! I was too frightened!!”

So, what is the key to their happy marriage?

The Secret

The couple has been married for almost thirteen years and has learned a few marriage secrets.

Klein told PEOPLE that he and his wife seldom go to bed angry. “We have disagreements, just like everyone else, but we don’t let it drag on till the morning.” Everything can be worked out, even if someone has to apologise.”

Arnold has three guidelines, according to the news outlet: “understanding when to give in, the wife is always right, and the significance of making time for each other.”

While the pair has discovered the secret to a happy marriage, broadcasting their family life hasn’t been easy—and has at times been fraught with public criticism.

Public Inquiry

Klein and Arnold’s family, like other families who have opened the world to their lives by appearing on television, has been scrutinised, particularly when it comes to rearing their children, but they don’t let it upset them.

“We are obviously fallible, and we make several errors. We try our hardest with our children. We attempt to provide direction, discipline, and everything else. I believe that when people watch a piece of television, they assume a lot more about how we manage our family.” “Klein told E! News about it.

Even so, you may have observed that the kids aren’t always on camera. So, what gives?

Why aren’t the kids on camera?

While the children are an important element of the show’s success, they are rarely featured on camera. They don’t mind the cameras, though.

“They’re attractive in any case. “Move! Move! Move, move, you’re in my way,” Arnold told Glamour if a camera gets in the way of what they’re attempting to achieve.

Even so, much of what goes on in the family happens while the cameras aren’t on.

“The vast bulk of what we do is off-camera because we want kids to grow up in a normal, comfortable atmosphere where they can do whatever they want without having to do it in front of an audience,” Klein explained.

The Cost of Notoriety

The small pair has become increasingly popular with fans as they’ve grown in fame, and fans occasionally drop by uninvited.

Klein told Glamour, “We’ve had individuals come to the door or cut pages out of books and write full-length comments and drop them in our mailbox.”

“When I went to retrieve the mail, she was standing on my doorstep, and I almost gave her a heart attack. I opened the door as she was still writing her note, and she fell over and everything. We’ve received visitors on Christmas Eve and on other special occasions.”

Future Perspectives

Even when life has provided them with numerous hardships, Bill Klein and Jen Arnold have won us over with their positive and upbeat mindsets. From mental and physical health concerns to reproductive issues and miscarriages, their resilience in dealing with life’s challenges is incredibly inspiring, and we’ve enjoyed following their tale on The Little Couple.

We’re excited to see what the tiny pair does next, and we’re hoping for a new season soon! We wish them the best of luck in the future.

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