Five Mind-Blowing Facts About Cats You Should Know

Interesting Facts About Cats

From bizarre internet trends such as that of “Trump Your Cat” to themed cafes, from “Garfield” to T.S Elliot’s renowned “Old Possum’s Book of Practical Cats.” It is all to the credit of the felines who have won over the masses. In doing so, perhaps pawed their way a tad bit closer to their ultimate goal of “ruling the world.” 

As the ailurophiles of the digital age, there is always a thirst to know about cats and their eccentricities. So here’s presenting five interesting facts for the ever-obliging “Cat Butlers” across the globe. 

Fact #1: The oldest Cat to ever live was 38 years old.

In 2004, a 9500-year-old cat grave was excavated by the French in Cyprus, predating the hitherto known Ancient Egyptian cats by at least 4000 years. Millennial after, in line with the legacy of his ancestors, Crème Puff, was born on 3rd August 1967. 

Passing away at 38 years and three days old, he went on to become the oldest cat to have ever lived!

Fact #2: The working cats of the world span the oceans from Japan to America.   

While cats are known for sleeping in, there are some cats breaking convention. Stubbs, an orange tabby cat, was the unanimous mayor of Talkeetna, a small town in Alaska for 20 years, much beloved by his people. 

On the other side of the Pacific as well, Nitama, a female calico cat, was hired as a stationmaster, manning the Kishi station of Wakayama City, Japan.  

Fact #3: Cats are one of the richest pets on the planet.

According to Compare the Market’s “Pet Rich List,” America’s Grumpy Cat, who unfortunately passed away early last year, ploughed in about $99.5 million a year. All this was through media appearances, sponsorships, and merchandising. 

This meme-worthy cat was followed by Olivia Benson, the Swifties favorite, who too ranked high on the list with a whopping $97 million. This was owing to her ad campaigns with Diet Coke and Keds sneakers. 

But of course, claiming the top spot, featuring in the Guinness Book World Records as the “World’s Wealthiest Cat.” There still remains Blackie who inherited $12.5 million from multi-millionaire Ben Rea after the latter’s death. 

Fact #4: Félicette is the only cat to have survived a spaceflight

Back in 1983, being in the French space program, 14 cats were trained to be launched into space. The felines had electrodes. These were implanted onto their skulls to monitor any kind of neurological action that happens during the flight. 

Félicette, later nicknamed the Astro Cat, was the only feline that survived the spaceflight. She also has a statue on display at the International Space University commemorating her achievement. 

Fact #5: In Japan, there are not one but two Cat Islands

Located in Japan, Aoshima Island is a cat lover’s paradise. With an overwhelming feline population, the cats of the area outnumber the humans by 36:1. However, this isn’t the only place in the country where cats can be seen abundantly. 

Tashirojima, another island part of the Japanese archipelago, too, has earned the epithet of “Cat Island” for its large clowder of stray cats. 

Sufficed to say, the feline psychology, behavior, and sublimity make them irresistible to the human eye and heart. Second, to none, cats enjoy every little attention to detail with their owners ever the more ready to give in to the soothing purrs, and comforting leg rubs.     

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