Fun and Sane Ways to Start a Conversation on Tinder

You’ve been swiping right for hours and you still can’t find the perfect match. Do not worry. 

Tinder Banter has come up with a guide to help you start conversations on dating apps like tinder and bumble. We know it can be hard to come up with something witty or interesting to say, so we created this post just for that!

If you want to get started in online dating, start with some of these tips for beginners. These are sane and fun ways to start a conversation on Tinder or Bumble that will cut down the awkwardness and make it feel more like meeting someone at a party.

  • Smile! It’s always easy when there is already smiling faces involved. Pick up your phone and send them an emoji smiley face as your first message followed by “Wanna chat?”
  • Use phrases they might have used in their intro bio. That way, if they’re interested, they’ll be able to take the lead from there without feeling pressured about what to say next since we all know that putting words together can sometimes be hard haha 😉
  • Compliment them! It doesn’t have to be anything too fancy. Maybe tell them how much you love their style or that they look like the type of person who would enjoy ______ (fill with a topic of your liking)
  • If all else fails, just ask about what their favorite song is or recommend one of your favorites!

You can use any of these opening lines when using Tinder. You might want to keep it simple and easy with something casual if this is your first time talking to someone on a dating app because there’s nothing worse than feeling pressured into coming up with an elaborate conversation starter right off the bat 😉 Smile, say hello, compliment them (whether it’s in their intro bio or not!), and then start from there based on how things go from here.

There are a few tricks you can use to start conversations on Tinder and Bumble. We are trying to cover some of the best pickup lines, opening lines, and “openers” for women (since they’re more likely to be swiping through) as well as do’s and don’ts that may come up when chatting with someone online.

Tinder Openers Examples

  • How many hats would you wear if I asked?
  • Do your friends know how hot you are? If not, what have they been doing all this time?! 😉
  • Hey baby! Just wanted to let ya know my answer is yes 🙂
  • You look like trouble from afar but closer up it gets better – wanna go out sometime

Points to consider when online dating:

  • Not all conversations are going to result in a date or hookup. Some may lead to friendships, just talk about random stuff and see where it goes.
  • Keep an open mind for any opportunities that come your way even if they don’t seem like what you want at first glance. Tinder is not only for dating but also networking, friends with benefits or potential mates on the other end of town. It’s worth browsing through some profiles every now and then as long as privacy settings allow it until something catches your eye!
  • Don’t be too hasty when someone gives you their number – always follow up with them via phone call (or text) before requesting more photos/content from them. That way you can see if the person is really into what they’re writing and not just being lazy.
  • If someone doesn’t seem like a good fit for your preferences, feel free to move on without feeling guilty about it. There’s no need to continue messaging them when there are other people out there that could be better suited for what you want!
  • Be honest with yourself – dating apps take time and patience so don’t beat yourself up over small missteps or mistakes; learn from these experiences instead of dwelling on them too much.

It’s important to remember the goal of using Tinder/Bumble (or any online dating app) isn’t necessarily only finding “the one” but having a good time.

Tinder/Bumble are about meeting new people and seeing what happens from there. Don’t be afraid of being yourself – so many people have preconceived notions about each other without even talking to one another first that it can be refreshing when two strangers get together on Tinder or Bumble for the first time and they don’t know what to expect but still manage to enjoy themselves instead of getting frustrated by superficial judgements. But, just like with any other dating platform: You never really know if someone will turn out interesting until you actually start chatting with them more often.”

After reading the article, you don’t have to worry about coming up with something clever or funny every time. Just pick one of our pre-written messages from the article and send it off! It’s as easy as that! And if they respond well, then keep going back and forth until your heart’s content. No more awkward silences or missed opportunities because now you’ll never run out of things to say again!

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