Girl Shares Her Worst Date Ever With A Guy She Matched On Tinder

Even if your Tinder match appeared to be a good match on the app, there’s no guarantee you’ll wind up on a bad date. While you might be able to fake-laugh at bad jokes and fill awkward silences with anecdotes about your most recent dream, you’d have no idea how to react to what happened to this girl. Her buddy Raychel revealed her predicament by sharing their discussion on Twitter just a few days ago, and it has already received over 30K likes. Scroll down to see proof that things may always get worse, and then tell us how you would react if you found yourself in this situation.

Image credits: itssraych

People were taken aback when they learned of the date.

Image credits: JBRylah

Many people were astounded by this girl’s reaction to the altering circumstances.

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