Guy Shames His Tinder Date For Not Sleeping With Him And The Story Goes Viral After The Woman Shares It Online

Madison, a 25-year-old from Indiana, decided to meet up with a man she’d been talking to on Tinder for around three weeks a few months ago. “He had planned to take me out to dinner, but he changed his mind and instead invited me back to his house to see a movie.”

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Madison, who is currently in recovery, claims that once they returned to his house, her date insisted on drinking alcohol with him. She became agitated and decided to call an Uber to go away. Her date became enraged as she was waiting for the car, and the two had this really terrible exchange, which she recently shared on TikTok. It has received over 1.3 million views so far. There are references to sexual assault.

Madison’s date shames her for not sleeping with him in the video, telling her that grownups don’t use Tinder to date; they use it “to fuck,” and that Madison was deceiving him by using it in the first place.

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Madison then informs her date that if that’s how he feels, he should state it explicitly in his dating profile. “If you say that, you’re not going to get any Tinder matchups!” he says. *

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*In other words, if you want women to return to your place, you should LIE about your intentions. Gross.

Madison then basically informs him that his thesis is nonsense (which it is) and that he is an example of “toxic masculinity” (which it is). He assures her that it is not the case; it is “reality.” He also adds she has to “wake up” and that “he’s trying to help” her avoid getting into this scenario again.

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What’s that noise you’re hearing? It’s simply my blood that’s boiling.

Madison, fortunately, was able to leave securely and return home immediately. “The worst aspect [of what he said] was that he didn’t think I had the authority to say no,” she told. “Because I returned to his apartment, I felt forced to have sex with him.”

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“I’m in recovery, so I’ve been through a lot of awful things that have taught me to keep calm in situations like that, along with counselling. I was aware that I had a choice, but I was concerned that other women in this situation would not.”

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Madison’s TikTok has gotten a lot of attention, with other ladies commenting on how terrible the situation appears to be, as well as her date being dragged for employing such hazardous and inconsistent logic.

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Madison’s experience was frightening, but it’s not an isolated event. It points to a much wider issue of straight males being pushy, predatory, and generally rude to women they meet on dating apps. According to a Pew Research Center research, 57 percent of women ages 18–34 who use dating apps have received sexually explicit messages and photographs they didn’t want, with 19 percent of those receiving physical threats, and 53 percent of women don’t believe dating apps are a safe way to meet someone. I’m not sure why.

Madison described the reception to her video as “empowering” in general. “My major purpose in publishing it was to show ladies that it’s OK to say ‘No,’ regardless of how much time you spend into a relationship.”

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