Lad Sends A ‘Cover Letter’ To His Tinder Match And He Absolutely Kills It

Finding a love companion takes some serious effort and a significant amount of time. To make the process a little bit easier, many people have resorted to online dating apps like Tinder. And I’m sure we all have at least one buddy who has met true love using a dating app.

Because Tinder has grown in popularity, it’s becoming increasingly difficult to attract someone’s attention solely through your dating profile. After all, how innovative can you be if every concept you have has already been implemented a hundred times? Some people, however, go above and above in their attempts to woo strangers. Take, for example, this guy who decided to send a dating ‘cover letter’ to a girl named Claire. His wit and openness, unsurprisingly, impressed the girl. We can only hope that the couple had a great first date and that things are going well for them.

Image credits: George Redgrave (not the actual photo)

Claire’s Tinder bio, which read “it’s a bio, not a CV,” prompted the guy to jest about whether he should send her a CV or a cover letter. Claire also shown her sense of humour by posting a ‘job description’ and all of the’responsibilities’ that came with dating her. That’s when he sent her the cover letter, in which he was brutally honest about his advantages and disadvantages.

If you’re having trouble following the Tinder dating rules, Cosmopolitan has a slew of helpful hints. You should try making the first move, even if you’re not used to doing so in real life, according to the magazine. Furthermore, you should grin naturally in your photographs. Oh, and because the great majority of people don’t, you should probably wear some bright colours in your photos. Finally, try to be unique in your Tinder dating bio and when messaging other people. Others want to see you as you are, not a filtered version of truth.

What are your thoughts on internet dating as a whole? Do you believe it has taken away all of the romance from dating or has it become an inextricable aspect of modern life? How did the guy’s attempt to court the girl by sending her a relationship cover letter go over with you? Would you be willing to do the same? Leave a comment below with your ideas!

The encounter between the girl and the boy made many people on the internet grin.

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