Methods That Can Drastically Improve a Woman’s Life With Minimal Effort

Invest in a Custom Fit of Your Pants

Pants that have been expertly tailored can do wonders for a person’s overall appearance. Depending on how they fit, the same pair of jeans can make you look either trendy or dated. Instead of shelling out a tonne of cash on numerous pairs of pricey pants, save up and buy a few pairs of cheaper basic pants, then put that money into having those pants tailored. If they fit you just perfectly, even the most reasonably priced jeans will seem like they came straight from a designer’s closet.

Use Soap or ChapStick to Unstick Zippers

Anyone’s nerves would fray at the sight of a jammed zipper. It’s not hard to see yourself having to use a pair of scissors to free yourself from your clothing if your zipper gets trapped. However, instead of reaching for the scissors, why not take a bar of soap? To unstick a jammed zipper, simply rub some soap over it. You should use ChapStick instead if you’re often on the run. The soapy effect of the waxy substance is identical to that of a bar of soap. In this procedure, no clothing items should be destroyed.

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