Methods That Can Drastically Improve a Woman’s Life With Minimal Effort

Make a Card for Your Practice

In the event of an emergency, it’s a good idea to have a “business card” prepared that details any food allergies or pharmaceutical sensitivities you may have. If you carry any form of emergency medication and would like others to know to check for it in your luggage, this is a great idea. You can also include contact information and instructions for bystanders on your card in case of an emergency.

Segregate Containers

The last bit of toothpaste or shampoo can be easily removed by slicing the container in half and then using a spoon to remove the remaining product. In order to force you to buy a new product sooner, certain manufacturers will use deceptive packaging practises. Mascara manufacturers, for instance, who make their wands too short to allow for convenient use of the entire tube. You may save money and make sure you use every last drop of a product by dividing the container in half.

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