Methods That Can Drastically Improve a Woman’s Life With Minimal Effort

Do your ironing with a hair straightener

You can use a hair iron to smooth out wrinkles in your clothing if you don’t have access to a clothes iron. When packing for a trip, this is very helpful because you wouldn’t want to take both. Even if you have access to a clothes iron, you might find that a hair iron works better for pressing minor details like a shirt collar or an embroidered section.

Shoe packing in plastic shower caps

Finding a way to pack your shoes without getting your clothes muddy is only one of the many difficulties of packing a luggage. Thankfully, most hotels provide free shower caps to their guests. You can use the shower caps to quickly and easily pack your shoes. Shower caps are optional; a plastic bag will do in a pinch. The only problem now is fitting all of your footwear into your carry-on!

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