Methods That Can Drastically Improve a Woman’s Life With Minimal Effort

Use ice to get the gum out of your hair

Don’t worry about having to get a haircut if you fall victim to the age-old adage of having gum trapped in your hair. Instead, you can freeze the gum with ice cubes, making it far less sticky and simpler to scrape off. It only takes 5-15 minutes of holding ice on the gum for it to solidify. The peanut butter trick comes to mind as well. But I think we can all agree that ice cubes make a lot less of a mess.

Keep a “Home Alone” card on hand

Every mother, whether of children or animals, should have a “home alone” emergency card on hand. This card will alert authorities that there is a vulnerable person living at your address who is counting on you to return home safely in the event of an emergency. If you need someone to watch your child while you are gone, simply list that person’s contact information on the card.

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