Methods That Can Drastically Improve a Woman’s Life With Minimal Effort

Eliminate Deodorant Stains Using Dryer Sheets

Having the perfect outfit planned out just to find that you have deodorant marks all over it is quite frustrating. You may still rock your preferred style because they are easily removable. In order to remove the deodorant stain, simply rub a dryer sheet over it. You can use the item’s fabric to massage on itself if you don’t have any dryer sheets on hand. This option should be used with caution, since it may cause the fabric to stretch or wrinkle.

Do not leave drains uncovered in bathrooms and kitchens

Don’t risk breaking it by reaching into the drain after a dropped item of jewellery. Place your hand over the opening of the drain. The truth is, unless you have the reflexes of Serena Williams, you probably won’t be able to catch the falling jewellery. The rest of us who aren’t lightning fast will have a lot better chance of catching our jewellery before it goes down the drain. Putting a net over your drain will allow water to pass through yet protect your valuables from falling in.

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