Methods That Can Drastically Improve a Woman’s Life With Minimal Effort

Cleaning Jewelry on Your Own

A professional jeweler’s services are not necessary, and you can achieve just as good of results by doing it yourself at home. Soak your jewellery in a solution of one teaspoon of dish soap and five minutes of warm water. Next, use a gentle toothbrush to clean the area. A toothpick is useful for removing dirt from tight spaces. The final step in restoring your jewellery to its former glory is to dry it on a paper towel or a soft cloth.

Put Nail Polish On Keys

We’ve all been there, trying every key in the lock because we can’t recall which one goes to the one we need. Nothing seems to be working, so we’re going to have to try everything again. The first one we pick is the one that ends up working, even though we were sure it wouldn’t. You may avoid this annoying situation by painting your keys different colours. It will improve your life and look great on your keychain at the same time.

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