Methods That Can Drastically Improve a Woman’s Life With Minimal Effort

Put Your Back Against the Toilet

Even if a long, puffy dress will make you appear like a princess, you’ll feel like a court jester every time you have to get up from your seat and use the facilities. If you want to make sure nothing ends up where it shouldn’t, you should use the toilet by facing the cistern instead than the wall. Instead than fumbling around behind you and crossing your fingers, you can see exactly what’s happening with the back of your dress.

You Shouldn’t Use Cube Ice

Understandably, on a hot day, you’d like a refreshing drink, but ice cubes dilute even the greatest drinks. The best way to chill your drink without diluting the flavour is to freeze the drink in an ice cube tray. Coffee cubes, for instance, can be frozen and used to create iced coffee. You can put frozen grapes in your alcoholic beverage. If you eat the grapes afterward, you get extra credit.

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