Methods That Can Drastically Improve a Woman’s Life With Minimal Effort

Velvet scrunchies are the way to go

Fortunately, scrunchies are trending again, and with good reason. To avoid hair loss, use a scrunchie instead of an elastic ponytail holder.
Additionally, because a scrunchie doesn’t have such a tight hold, it will reduce the appearance of ponytail bumps and produce a smoother haircut overall. Because of its softness, velvet works well with any hair type, making velvet scrunchies the finest option.

Cooking Spaghetti in Candles

Don’t let the fact that the wick is all that’s left of your favourite candle prevent you from enjoying its scent and light. We’re not advocating that you break your fingers either; there’s an easier way to light a candle. To light those out-of-reach candles, simply use an uncooked spaghetti strand as a long match. It’s also possible to utilise a piece of paper that has been lit on fire. Nevertheless, care must be taken with that strategy, as the fire will spread rapidly through the paper.

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