On A Hiking Trail, A Father Calls Out To His Missing Daughter, Only To Hear A Stranger Respond.

The dedicated father and his children traveled around the rough Santa Fe trail in search of this individual, but they were unsuccessful. They were not only inquisitive as to where he was, but they were also eager to get to him as soon as possible because he was in trouble.

After twenty minutes,

The mystery man and the former military man continued to rage at each other. The anxiety grew as the minutes passed, but after approximately half an hour, they finally came together! The family had trekked down a steep hill, 600 yards off the route, only to discover the mystery man, trapped and laying on the ground in a state no one was prepared to handle.

The Situation Is Critical

The man was encircled by a makeshift tent he had made up near a creek, but it was evident that he was in serious trouble.

“His lips were dry to the point of bleeding.” His tongue was enlarged, and he was extremely frail. “I was thinking, ‘This guy needs help,” John told KRQE.

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