On A Hiking Trail, A Father Calls Out To His Missing Daughter, Only To Hear A Stranger Respond.

Not only did the man appear disoriented, but he couldn’t even stand up, much less move.

John realized he needed to act quickly.

The Middle of Nowhere

Even though the man required immediate medical attention, John needed to examine the situation more before acting. The man appeared to be around 60 years old, and he amazingly managed to find his way to a nearby stream to drink water. But, out here in the middle of nothing, what was he doing? “‘What’s wrong?’ I inquired. ‘My legs don’t work,’ he explained. ‘What happened?’ I asked. “I guess I fell,” he said,” CBC asked John for an explanation. What a heartbreaking situation!

Days and Days of Being Stranded

The exact number of days the man had been stuck there was unknown, but John believed that he had been alone for at least two weeks, if not more. John wanted to get this man to safety as quickly as possible, but he wasn’t sure they’d be able to get him out on their own in his current condition. Attempting to transfer the man alone back to the start of the trail, even with his two children to assist him, seemed risky, especially given it was miles away. So, what exactly was he supposed to do?

It’s Only the Beginning

John didn’t want to abandon the man in his hour of need, but he didn’t have any other option than to return with his children and seek expert assistance.

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