On A Hiking Trail, A Father Calls Out To His Missing Daughter, Only To Hear A Stranger Respond.

Before returning to the trailhead, the family left the man food and water and made certain to get the exact GPS coordinates of where he was.

Three miles later, the trio returned to their starting position and promptly dialed 9-1-1 to alert authorities to the situation. They had no idea that this was only the beginning of the rescue mission.

Taking Action to Help

What an incredible turn of events! Who knew that John’s adolescent daughter’s excursion into the woods would lead to the family discovering a wounded, 60-year-old hiker in need? The firefighters arrived about one hour after John placed the emergency call for assistance. The team of expert rescuers set out on their quest with the exact coordinates of the man’s position. However, it did not appear to be effective, as they had difficulty locating the man.


When John received word later in the evening that the hiker had not been located and that the search party had been called off, he was speechless.

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