On A Hiking Trail, A Father Calls Out To His Missing Daughter, Only To Hear A Stranger Respond.

Is it possible that another hiker was trying to play a game of Marco-Polo? Was it someone who first discovered his daughter? Was it a first-time traveler who got lost on the scenic trail in the southwest? Whatever this mystery person was, John’s only concern and priority were to reunite with his daughter and ensure that she was safe.

What Happened to John’s Daughter?

Despite being perplexed as to who was calling out to him, John made it a point to locate his daughter. Because there was so much foliage and trees in his line of sight, it was difficult to tell exactly where she was, but John was happy to know she was at least on the right track.

As John continued to shout out, he heard her voice grow closer and closer to the trail ahead, indicating that he would be able to find her if he stayed on the way.

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