People called the cops when this man posted a selfie with his rescue dog on social media

The cops got involved when this man posted a selfie with his rescue dog on social media.

Dan Tillery adores dogs. He’d always wanted to have a dog, and then when he finally did, he did what everyone else does when they get a new pet. He posted a photo on social media.

However, while the predicted flood of Facebook likes and comments arrived, some people were troubled by what they saw.

What was it in the photo that prompted folks to call the cops? Is Dan going to be able to keep his dog safe?

Dogs are not permitted.

Dan and his girlfriend had been looking for a puppy for quite some time. However, while renting an apartment, you must adhere to the landlord’s laws, and their landlord did not accept pets.

Dan’s work was flourishing, and they could finally afford their own house.

“My girlfriend and I have always wanted a dog. but the apartment we were renting wouldn’t allow it,” He said. Our first property was purchased only a few months ago. It’s all ours. Dogs are welcome.

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Sir  Wiggleton

Dan and his girlfriend set out to locate a dog who would complete their small family and their new home as soon as they moved in. They didn’t go to pet stores or look for pups that had just been born. Instead, they did the right thing and contributed to a sanctuary for animals. They met and fell in love with a charming rescue dog named Sir Wiggleton, of all things. Their bond was instantaneous, and Dan quickly brought Sir Wiggleton to his house.

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In Detroit, there is an American Bulldog.

Sir Wiggleton, an American Bulldog, was two years old when Dan adopted him. He was found wandering the streets of Detroit, close to where Dan and his partner live.

Someone had discovered him on the streets and reported him to the shelter, which took him in and cared for him for a few months until Dan came in and permanently adopted him.

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Sir Wiggleton has a new name.

The bond between Dan and Sir Wiggleton was instantaneous. Dan saw a photo of Sir Wiggleton on one of the shelter’s social media sites, his tongue jutting out and his face almost painfully charming, and he knew Wiggleton was the dog for him even before he entered the shelter.

However, while Sir Wiggleton is a great joke name, it’s a little tough to repeat again and over again, so Dan renamed him Diggy!

Dan and Diggy’s newfound friendship would soon be put to the test

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Taking Over the Internet

Dan and Diggy were quite happy together, and the handsome man-and-dog duo shared their incredible bond on Instagram and Facebook. Their images went viral, and the fact that Dan is a musician with a significant online following helped. Dan’s admirers and followers fell in love with Diggy and his kind, gentle demeanor, and soon Dan was being followed not for his music or looks, but for his adorable dog photos. Despite all of the feedback, some folks saw something in these photographs that made them want to call the cops and file a complaint.

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The Cops Are Involved

Someone complained to the police after Dan started posting images of his dog on social media. What was going on?

What possible cause could someone have for reporting a lovely dog and its owners to the authorities?

Dan was taken aback when he realized that a complaint had been filed, but he was even more perplexed when he learned the basis for it.

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Mysterious Motives

Looking at these images, it’s hard to conceive what may have caused someone to call the cops after seeing them. Was there any evidence of abuse? Is it possible that someone recognized Dan as a criminal? Were there any drugs in the background?

 nope, no

The complaint was about something that was right in front of everyone’s eyes, but that most people would never, ever think was an issue, and that they would certainly never call the cops over.

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There is no such thing as an unpunished good deed.

Dan tagged “Detroit Dog Rescue” in his first social media post announcing Diggy’s adoption to the world.

Dan reasoned that he owed them credit because they had helped him find his new best friend.

He believed that if people saw how joyful a rescue dog had made him, they would be inspired to visit dog shelters and adopt canine companions in need.

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It’s Going Viral

Dan’s blog post was receiving a lot of attention on the internet. Diggy’s cute images were well-received, and Detroit Rescue’s social media profile garnered over 24,000 likes in just one day!

However, it wasn’t just Detroit Rescue who was feeling the love. Dan began to receive calls and letters from newspapers, websites, and dog lovers all across the country, all eager to learn more about him and his gorgeous rescue puppy.

However, in addition to the great response, some people began to leave unfavorable comments. Some were directed against Dan, but others were strangely aimed at Diggy.

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 Original Post

This was Dan’s original Facebook post, the one that went viral… and landed Dan and Diggy in hot water.

As per Detroit Dog Rescue,

“We are sorry for breaking the internet with this shot, but we had to publish it.” Sir Wiggleton was just adopted after over 100 days in the shelter. Sir Wiggleton and his new Dad are all smiles as they celebrate their adoption day!” As the number of likes and shares grew, a threat to Dan and Diggy’s newfound friendship became increasingly apparent.

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There’s a Knock on the Door

Dan was first ecstatic by the popularity of his post and its subsequent virality. He believed it was bringing attention to an important topic and encouraging people to talk about it. What was the disadvantage? Dan couldn’t see if there was one.

But all of that would change in a matter of days.

Dan received a knock on the door shortly after the post became viral on Facebook. Imagine his amazement when he answered it and saw two police officers standing there.

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Is This a Dangerous Breed… Or Isn’t It?

It seems like every other news item was about dogs biting children for a while. Typically, pit bulls were the perpetrators of the attacks. Some dog attacks are disabling, and some are even fatal. In 2016, 41 people were killed by pit bulls, 22 of whom were killed in deadly dog attacks. However, while the conventional perception of pit bulls is that they are a terrible breed, the dogs involved in the assaults are frequently abused or trained as attack dogs.

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Pit Bulls

Some localities have passed legislation making it illegal to own pit bulls because of their unfounded poor image.

While pit bulls are frequently viewed as violent dogs. Animal experts largely agree that pit bulls are only violent when they are raised in an abusive setting and that they are normally loving and loyal canines.

Dan and Diggy’s story is more complicated than simply Dan having a forbidden dog breed.


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Consequences for the Law

Dan’s message was so popular that it caught the attention of the police department in his municipality.

The officers who were standing outside his home weren’t there to hand him a key to the city or to congratulate him on his newfound internet celebrity.

Instead, they were there to inform him that pit bulls and pit bull mixes are illegal to own in Waterford Township, Dan’s hometown.

Dan was told he had two options: return Diggy to the shelter or face legal consequences.

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Good boy Diggy

Dan, of course, felt the whole thing was absurd. Diggy was not only a good boy, but it appeared that the officers were convinced that he was not a threat. Dan told WWJ, his local radio station, that when they walked to the gate to see him, he licked their faces and was extremely nice. “They said, “We’re dog lovers, so that’s fine; he appears to be a good pup. I snapped a few shots of him.

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In this Township, No Dogs Are Allowed!

Even though Dan had purchased his own home to finally fulfill his dream of adopting a dog, officials continued to warn him that he couldn’t keep his new friend, even on his land!

This looked incredibly unjust and aggravating, not to mention painful and depressing.

What might Dan do to save his best friend from being returned to the shelter?

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It’s the wrong breed!

Diggy was not just a good boy, but he wasn’t even a pit bull.

When Dan and his family adopted Diggy from the pound, the adoption papers claimed that he was an “American bulldog,” not a pit bull. Dan and his girlfriend were confident that once the police saw Diggy’s papers, the situation would be resolved. Unfortunately, this was not the case. The police department’s reaction to the papers was astonishing.

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To me, it appears to be a pit.

While Dan was correct in his assessment of Diggy – his adoption papers clearly stated that he was an American bulldog – the cops were not impressed.

They claimed that Diggy was a pit bull in their judgment, despite the fact that his official papers showed otherwise.

“It seems like a pit to me,” said Lt. Todd Hasselbach of the local police department. He went on to claim that he’d “write a ticket” if he’d seen Dan with Diggy. Dan was granted three days to return Diggy to the shelter.

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Is it legal to do that?

It’s unclear whether the cops had the authority to label Diggy as a breed he wasn’t. Some members of the local community were uncomfortable with Diggy being so close by. Perhaps because of their prejudice towards pit bulls and Diggy’s resemblance to the breed. But was that enough to have him taken away from his new family and home?


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The Law’s Letter

While Dan’s popular tweet may have drawn the police’s unwanted attention to Diggy, it also brought people together to criticize the cops’ decision to take him away.

Animal lovers, animal rights organizations, and worried social media users tried to persuade the department to change their minds.

Scott Underwood, the Chief of the Police Department, had this to say.

“From our perspective, it’s a pretty straightforward case of an ordinance that spells out what is and isn’t authorized.” Our responsibility is to make sure the ordinance is followed.”

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Dan had to make a decision. He had two options: pay a $500 fine and risk going to jail, or give Diggy up.

With all of his affection for Diggy, Dan knew that being locked up would be detrimental to both him and the dog.

But all hope was not lost. Dan’s increasing online audience was not going to stand by and let this heinous act take happen, especially because Diggy had done absolutely nothing wrong!

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Diggy’s Court Appearance

Thousands upon thousands of people were enraged after hearing Diggy’s terrible story on the internet.

Friends and friends organized an online petition in support of Dan’s decision to keep Diggy with him. Meanwhile, Dan was considering his legal options and preparing to go to court to defend his right to keep his best friend.

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Reforming the Law

The petition that was being put up wasn’t just trying to help Dan with Diggy; it had also set a goal for itself.

The petitioners were determined to overturn the township’s pit bull ban. This would not only make Dan’s need to show Diggy wasn’t a pit bull obsolete, but it would also save others from ever having to go through the same pain and difficulties that Dan had.

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Not a Reluctant Quitter

Dan was confident that because Diggy isn’t a pit bull, he’d be allowed to retain him until he got to court.

“My lawyer and I are going to do everything we can to make sure Diggy stays at home with us, his family,” Dan wrote on Facebook.

“Thank you very much for all of your help, gentlemen. “I’m not someone who gives up easily.”

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a hundred million signatures

As Dan prepared for his court appearance, the internet petition in support of his right to retain Diggy grew in size. Over a hundred million people had signed it – but they weren’t satisfied with just signing an online form. Diggy supporters had shown up at a town hall meeting and demanded that the issue be discussed; Dan was both overwhelmed and grateful for the outpouring of support he and his dog were receiving. Will all of this help, however, be enough to keep his dog?

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Taking Care of Rescue Dogs

It was heartwarming to see so many people rally around Dan and Diggy, not only because Dan is a dedicated dog owner, but also because Diggy is a rescue dog. Rescue dogs have been through a lot and frequently have a hard time finding homes, therefore advocating for a person’s right to keep their rescue dog is an important aspect of animal rights advocacy. “People have invested their emotions into this narrative, and it’s great to see so many people care about rescue dogs,” said Kristina Rinaldi, director of Detroit Dog Rescue.

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Dogs in Need of Rescue

Every year, 3.3 million dogs are anticipated to enter shelters in the United States. 1.6 million are rescued, 670,000 are euthanized, and 620,000 are given to their prior owners, proving that adopting a rescue dog can truly save a life. Rescue dog owners frequently testify that their dogs make excellent pets, demonstrating unique affection and love for their new owners.

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The Court Considers In

Dan and Diggy were both stressed by the Kafkaesque scenario they had found themselves in. Dan was not only facing the prospect of having to say goodbye to his new best friend, but he was also facing the prospect of having to do so for utterly unjustified reasons! Dan finally got some good news after an extended back and forth with the cops and the court! The judge in the case had decided to dismiss the case, allowing Diggy to remain with Dan!

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A Successful Facebook Post

When Dan got the news, he went back to Facebook, where the whole thing started, to inform his followers.

Dan just wrote, “We get to keep our pup, he’s a good boy,” in a brief update.

Dan’s win wasn’t only personal: in addition to getting to retain Diggy, his public struggle resulted in another pleasant outcome: his municipality agreed to relax and modify its pit bull legislation!

Dan decided to take Diggy to an expert to determine his breed once and for all after hearing the good news.

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Dan is quite fortunate. He not only managed to track down and maintain Diggy, but he also has a sizable online following. Dan has nearly 10,000 Facebook likes, over 14,000 Instagram followers, and over a thousand Twitter followers, so when he speaks, people pay attention. It’s possible that Diggy’s story would have turned out completely differently if Dan hadn’t been so well-known online – but thankfully, Dan’s following allowed him to help not only himself but also many others.

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Musically Gifted

So, what makes Dan so popular on the internet?

Dan is a rising musician, to put it simply. He tours all across the country regularly and is noted for his captivating stage presence.

His increased fame has helped him define himself as a musician by attracting a committed following of admirers.

Dan currently uses social media to promote his band… and to share Diggy’s doggy photographs!

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Putting Out a Single

Dan’s music career appears to be gaining traction in recent years. He had a big hit with his track “We Like to Have Fun” back in 2016, and his gigs in Detroit and the surrounding area are often sold out. In the last year, he’s put a few videos of his live gigs on YouTube, it is something you should watch!

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Dog on the Throne

Dan, on the other hand, isn’t the only internet celebrity in his home. Diggy has become a superstar in his own right as a result of their trip together. Many people follow Dan in the hopes of catching a sight of Diggy now and then. Who can blame them, after all?  He’s such a sweetheart! He is, indeed!

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Everything works out in the end.

Dan and Diggy are still together today, and Diggy is happy.

Diggy appears to be cheerful, healthy, and well cared for in Dan’s images, and he appears to adore his adoptive pal.

Dan and Diggy are living proof of how wonderful adopting a rescue dog can be, and how it can improve not only the lives of the dog and its owners, but also the lives of entire towns.

We wish Dan and Diggy the best.

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