Secrets Your Flight Attendant Won’t Tell You

If we all have one thing in common, regardless of age, race, or gender, it’s that we all want the same thing: a beautiful, relaxing vacation. We’d prefer to go somewhere that’s as far away from home as possible. The problem is that we usually have to take a plane to get to our dreamy destinations. Nobody enjoys flying, not even flight attendants or pilots. But, at the very least, they know the plane’s tips, stories, and secrets. Prepare to read some advice and stories from those who work behind the scenes of commercial aircraft. Proceed with caution because some of these will truly surprise you!

The Floor is filthy

While most of us don’t think removing our shoes in public is appropriate, the rules may change on long flights. We want to be as relaxed as possible, and what better way to do so than to go barefoot? You really shouldn’t, according to the cabin crew. The ground is filthy. If that wasn’t clear enough, you should also avoid eating anything from the carpet.

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