The Best Tinder Bios By People Who Lost Their Limbs But Not Their Dark Sense Of Humor

You will remain stuck if you refuse to recognise your limitations. So, while disabilities have a significant impact on people’s lives, being in denial about them isn’t helping anyone. Commitment, ingenuity, and a willingness to do things differently, on the other hand, can significantly decrease the burden of a disability. This includes their dating lives. We’ve assembled a compilation of hilarious Tinder biographies from people who have lost limbs but not their sense of humour, demonstrating that acceptance isn’t the same as surrender. Self-empowerment, rather.

#1 Body 9/10, Arms 1/2

#2 When you have a positive attitude towards life


#4 Clearly a Handyman

#5 Looking for a right hand man



#8 Getting to the front of the lines at Disneyland all day!

#9 Not a Well Thought advertisement I guess?

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