The Tinder Profile Of ‘Bill The Handyman’ Is Hilarious, And Someone Shared The Epic Conversation They Had.

Tinder is a wonderful site where people can use their imaginations to find love, conduct social experiments, or simply have a good laugh by trolling the Internet. It may seem self-evident, yet not everyone has the same dating site experience. According to FaceSwap, women receive creepier texts than males, and if you are more attractive, you may get away with saying some really disturbing things.

Danny Spears, a contributor to the named GoofyDads, established a phoney dating profile as a 69-year-old Bill the Handyman in an attempt to troll for their own enjoyment. In the name of comedy, Spears applied Face App on his images and transformed himself into an older man. “We just wanted to make folks laugh with some Dad antics.” I assumed it would be amusing to troll some of the folks on there because I am absolutely inexperienced with online dating,” he stated.

Bill’s unusual Tinder profile and visage may not appear to attract many fish, yet he received a slew of matches, and the interactions are amusing. “If this amusing Tinder profile made one person chuckle and changed the direction of their day, then my goal was accomplished.”

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To prank people, someone made a phoney tinder profile as a 69-year-old man named Bill.

Image credits: GoofyDads
Image credits: GoofyDads
Image credits: GoofyDads
Image credits: GoofyDads

Someone tried their luck and messaged the confident handyman

“Bill ended up catching even more fish than he could handle.” Because I was receiving so many messages from people, I had to delete the account. “It was a mix of folks who thought I was real and people who just wanted to thank me for making them laugh,” Spears explained. What was the best offer he got? “I received a message from someone who sent me her macaroni and cheese recipe. I would have accepted her offer if I weren’t married, because she is all about that delicious baked sweetness.” Ladies, this prankster with a dreadful sense of humour is already taken.

‘Bill,’ according to the remarks, was quite the catch.

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