These Cunning Felines Have One Goal: Driving Their Owners Bonkers

Design and Destruction

How much time do you think it takes to compile these numbers? This person obviously took his time and care in constructing this Doraemon figurine, as he laboured over each individual block for a whole week. The total number of pieces used to create the figure was 2,432, which is an incredible number in and of itself. Only a few minutes passed before his kitten arrived and knocked it over. It’s no surprise that the function Object() { [native code] } was fuming with rage. When he picked up the tiny object, though, he immediately felt remorse for her.

Sandcat Steps In

Cleaning and maintaining a cat’s litterbox can be a major pain, as any cat owner will attest. Every time a cat uses its litter box, some sand will get tracked in. But no one’s ever seen one cat dump so much sand on the floor before. Let’s face it, felines are said to be more evolved than that. Sure, we’re familiar with the concept of a litterbox, but what exactly is a lot’er’box? That is a substantial quantity of sand, after all.

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