These Cunning Felines Have One Goal: Driving Their Owners Bonkers

It’s time for a backup plan

Some of the photographs on this collection have already given you a good laugh because they show cats engaged in one of the most iconic forms of mischief. They have an odd penchant for perching themselves atop their owner’s laptop keyboard. Perhaps this is their attempt to get somebody’s notice. Perhaps they are worried for your health and want you to take a break from your job. Anyway, this feline took an unorthodox approach.

The Monarch and Her Seat

It’s amazing how cats manage to find so many unique perches to relax in. They have remarkable equilibrium and, like birds, can sleep in an upright position. Even though it’s very funny to see from the outside, this guy definitely didn’t enjoy it when his cat decided to nap on his face. Never mind 4 in the morning, this is not a good moment.

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