These Cunning Felines Have One Goal: Driving Their Owners Bonkers


Let’s say it’s a Saturday after a long week, and you’re exhausted but eager to unwind in front of the TV with your iPad. Irrespective of how cute they are, cats will never let you have a moment of quiet when they find out you were attempting to avoid them. Her tiny fuzzy companion has told her it’s time to put the tablet aside and pay attention to something far sweeter.

Please, Not This Guy

People that are annoying to us often manage to show up at the worst possible times. We could take it from this grumpy cat and smack those individuals right in the face if we weren’t constrained by the norms of polite society. The best part is that this nasty bird keeps coming back for more after being knocked away. You can just feel the scorn on the cat’s face as he tries to ignore the annoying intruder.

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