These Cunning Felines Have One Goal: Driving Their Owners Bonkers


As soon as it heard the word “monopoly,” this cat thought that the complete dominance of the board was in order. Everyone has one friend who is always trying to outdo everyone else by purchasing the most expensive homes on the most expensive blocks. However, some friends take the phrase “Free Parking” quite literally and plunk their huge hairy bodies square dab in the middle of the gaming board. Whoever you think is more obnoxious will remain a mystery to us.

Hidden Assault

Many misfortunes and injuries suffered by cat owners are only partly unintentional. In this particular example, though, it appears like a well-planned and elaborate scheme has been hatched to take advantage of a sneakerhead who is completely oblivious to the whole thing. When this cat sees a red thumbtack, it immediately thinks that it can be put to better use elsewhere. Next, he takes it out and hides it in the sole of a human’s sneaker while they’re unaware. This ought to be the final piece of evidence that felines plot against their human counterparts.

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