These Cunning Felines Have One Goal: Driving Their Owners Bonkers

Keeping Them Toasty for the Time Being

This cat has opted to play the part of a chicken for the day in order to ensure that the eggs are always warm and cosy. This cat had access to numerous soft surfaces in her home, such as couches, chairs, rugs, and cushions, yet she chose to set up camp here. Look Here For Further Information. Whether or not she has successfully broken all the eggs she is sitting on is unclear. One thing is certain, though: if anyone in her family was hoping to make omelettes for breakfast this morning, they’re out of (c)luck.

Supporting Paw

Cats have no preferences when it comes to which species they damage. They can be just as vicious toward one another as they are towards us. If we give this cat the benefit of the doubt, he may have been trying to be nice by helping his brother down the ladder. However, based on our knowledge of felines, it’s more likely that this particular cat is just being spiteful and competitive with its sister for kicks.

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