These Cute Pictures Show How Much Children and Dogs Depend Upon One Another

Pets as therapy? The Humans Need More Therapy, Not Less

This dog was fortunate enough to have a companion waiting for him when he got home from the vet so that he could receive lots of affection and playtime. Pets are often touted as a therapeutic modality for humans, but conversely, human therapy for animals can have a positive effect as well. While recovery may take time, it is greatly aided by thoughts of those who care about you. With the support of his owner, this dog will likely recover soon. I hope you feel better soon.

But He Doesn’t Have Our Features!

The concept of adoption is becoming increasingly popular today. The best option for parents who are unable to have children of their own or who just want to try to improve the life of a child from less fortunate circumstances is adoption. These doting parents obviously adore their newborn, and while it may be an adjustment for the youngster to be reared by a pair of canines, we have no doubt that they will do an excellent job nonetheless. You two have my best wishes.

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