These Cute Pictures Show How Much Children and Dogs Depend Upon One Another

What Kind of Care She Prefers

The majority of medical conditions do not have simple treatments or a cure. There are times when you have to sit back and wait for nature to take its course. Having a dog’s loving hug, though, could be the deciding factor. For one sick little girl, it meant she could spend more time playing and less time in bed. When her two dog pals laid on her, she quickly felt better.

The Good Boy Gets Free Hugs

It would appear that hugs are a universally understood form of communication. One mother proudly shared a photo of her son and dog sharing a bear hug, writing, “My little guy has always been a hugger.” She added that her dog has not always approved of this form of affection. The dog “came around,” in her words, and is now a hugging fanatic like the rest of us.

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