These Cute Pictures Show How Much Children and Dogs Depend Upon One Another

When In Doubt, Call A Dog!

Dogs not only yell for attention and love, but they also know how to provide it. Dogs, as many parents will attest, have an uncanny ability to feel when one of their children is distressed and attempt to comfort them. For example, when this baby’s dog came to console him, he quickly stopped wailing. The parent wrote, “Even if my son so much as cries, he jumps in to save his life.” Best friends.

If you could just stay here, I’d appreciate it

Dogs, it is said, have the most distinct personalities of any animal. It’s easy to understand why after seeing pictures like this. When their human family members leave the house, some dogs will have a tantrum because they’ve become so devoted to them. As this young man was getting ready to depart for school, his dog sat on him in an apparent last-ditch effort to prevent him from leaving the house. How far love can push us.

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