These Cute Pictures Show How Much Children and Dogs Depend Upon One Another

She might have been able to drag him over the ground, but…

It’s simple to understand how a quick game of tug of war might start when two people are competing for the same set of toys. This golden is considerably larger and stronger than her owner; she easily could have won the tug-of-war by dragging her owner around by the toy’s string. However, she is a gentle giant. She loves her little pal so much that she would choose to let her win the game over giving her the upper hand.

Don’t You Dare Mess with My Human

Some people don’t particularly like the cold and wet of winter, but a surprising number of others do. This little girl dressed up for an afternoon of rainy play. But she’s prepared for the possibility of bullying on the playground by bringing along her own bodyguard. His loyal companion recognises his place by standing at attention next to his human pal. You don’t want to cross them!

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