These Cute Pictures Show How Much Children and Dogs Depend Upon One Another

For Halloween, she choose to dress as a sheepdog

Every kid spends months in advance planning the perfect Halloween costume because the holiday only occurs once a year. Usually only adults dress up as couples for Halloween, but when this girl’s parents adopted a puppy, she knew just what she wanted to be for the holiday. Who better to impersonate but a trusted companion! These two are so cute make they me want to squeeze them both! The question is: who wore it better?

That Which Appears to Be Is Not Always So

Pit bulls have a rep for being one of the toughest dog breeds around. Despite the fact that a dog’s personality is heavily influenced by their upbringing, properly cared for dogs can be among the most kind animals. Emily was afraid of the pit dog her parents adopted at first. Once she got comfortable with him, though, the two became inseparable, going so far as to share afternoon naps on the couch.

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