These Cute Pictures Show How Much Children and Dogs Depend Upon One Another

However, he did inherit his great-best grandfather’s friend

Before Jamie was born, his great-grandfather passed away. There were tears shed and smiles shared between family members. Even though they lost one family member, they gained two others: a son and a new puppy. Jamie’s great-best grandfather’s companion was Peach the Pomeranian, and the two ended up growing up together, since Jamie’s great-grandfather left him the dog in his will. These days the two of them frequently take joy rides together.

Instructing Them In The Art Of Cooperation

There’s nothing like the feel of clean clothes, but there are certain items that require more care than others. When mum checked on the laundry basket, she discovered two unusual items. The puppies apparently thought the freshly laundered bedding would make a comfortable place to rest. They all went to sleep soundly once Tommy realised the importance of sharing.

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