These Cute Pictures Show How Much Children and Dogs Depend Upon One Another

Unwittingly Exposed as a Criminal

We think this boy had good intentions when he brought the family dog, Buster, into his parent’s bedroom. The expressions on their faces tell us they were up to no good, even though we can’t explain why he packed so much food. Until he got found, the kid probably thought his parents’ room would make a great playroom for him and Buster.

Like Minds Agree

A priceless expression is painted on each of their faces. Exactly what is happening in the great outdoors? Seems like the ice cream truck has arrived, and they’re already planning out which flavours to try first. She spoils her dog by giving him a taste of the delicious delicacy every time the truck pulls up, despite being strictly forbidden to do so. She went against the rules, but what’s a little friendship and a little ice cream amongst friends?

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