Things We Only Just Noticed About Harry Potter Which You Might Have Missed Out

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Potterheads adore everything about the wizarding world and can’t fathom life without Hogwarts and the magnificent trio. Even without the Lumos enchantment, Harry, Ron, and Hermione brightened our lives on numerous occasions.

Pottermania is still going strong, although our invisibility cloaks have undoubtedly become a little dusty over the years. After all, how could we have overlooked everything that has gone wrong with Harry Potter for so long? Go to the next page to read more..

Over the years, Peter Pettigrew has seen a lot.

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Yes, you may want to leap into your screen and rip Scabbers apart for betraying pretty much every nice guy in the Harry Potter franchise, but that won’t help. Scabbers — eventually revealed to be Peter Pettigrew – has simply seen too much in his life.

While this revelation altered the entire Harry Potter storyline in Prisoner of Azkaban, as we’ve grown older, we’ve wondered what his existence as a rat was like. He spent 12 years sleeping in either Ron’s, Bill’s, or Percy’s room, which is bizarre.

Love potions were unaffected.

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Within the Harry Potter universe, love potions play a significant role. On the one hand, they were regarded as quirky and cute little potions for Wizarding World women to use on their crushes.

A love potion, on the other hand, was responsible for the birth of You Know Who. I’m sure you didn’t consider that. We learn later in the series that Voldemort was born after his witch mother took a love potion on a Muggle in the neighbourhood. So why weren’t they stopped at Hogwarts?

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