Things We Only Just Noticed About Harry Potter Which You Might Have Missed Out

Dumbledore favoured some students above others.

Dumbledore was intrigued by Harry for a variety of reasons. He understood that there would be loose ends at the end of the saga with Harry. But one thing that has always bothered us is the fact that Sirius was never given the opportunity to defend his innocence.

A second trial would have proved that Peter Pettigrew was the one who did the things Sirius was accused of, but he never saw a court again before being taken away. It’s quite depressing. Hopefully, Harry will be able to prove his innocence later.

Is this a children’s series?

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We were huge fans of the Harry Potter series as children. We enjoyed everything from literature to movies to video games. We still adore everything about it now that we’re grownups, but we see it through a different lens. We recognise the extremely mature themes on offer. We’ve also discovered how much brutality and darkness this series has.

Looking back, it’s hard to believe this was originally intended for children. To be honest, it’s almost as horrific as Breaking Bad. What about the Dementors? Come on! Those are absolutely terrifying!

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