This Man Created An App Just Like Tinder, Except The Only Person You Will Match With Is Him

For single people, the dating world may be a brutal place at times. However, if your dazzling looks and dashing charisma aren’t enough, you may always rely on your imagination. And that is just what one individual did. Imagine an app where every female would choose you as a potential date. Isn’t it going to increase your chances of landing a date?

We commend the effort that went into this extremely amusing yet clever technique of meeting new people in the dating scene. Aaron Smith describes how he came up with the concept for his Tinder-style software, which we think is very cool.

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Aaron Smith, 31, is the lone male on his own dating app, Singularity, and he’s 31 years old. The programme operates similarly to Tinder in that you swipe left or right based on your likes, however Aaron is the only guy you’ll be allowed to match with.

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When asked what inspired him to create this app, he explained that he found the online dating industry to be too stressful, and instead of whining on Facebook, he came up with an idea that would help him change his luck.

© Aaron Smith / Facebook

To ensure that his dating prospects did not remain bleak, he devised a plan to establish a dating app in which he would present himself as the lone male prospect for the app’s endless number of female users. Isn’t that clever? And don’t be fooled by the different profiles; it’s the same guy dressed in different costumes.

We have to admit, we think Aaron’s proposal is a lot of fun and a little risky. Whether or whether his dating app helps him relaunch his love life, his innovation is genuinely admirable, and many are praising his unconventional thinking and offering their support on his YouTube channel, where he prepared a promotional video for the app.

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And, despite the fact that the app was made as a joke, we’re all curious to see how ladies reacted to it. Aaron claims that he drew a lot of attention and received a lot of friend requests from the opposite gender.

But, according to reports, he’s looking to settle down, and he’s determined to go all-in with a woman he met lately on his dating app. Aaron’s plan seemed to have worked in the end.

What do you think of Aaron’s online dating app concept? Do you believe he’ll be able to pull it off? Let us know what you think in the comments area.

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